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Cucumber problem


By Ij4470

United Kingdom

I have three cucumber plants in a growbag in the greenhouse. They have come on well but I have noticed that the fruit is now covered in light green blotches and one of the plants has developed a soggy looking patch just above the soil level. They have produced god cucmbers up to now and even the blotchy ones are good to eat when skinned. Any ideas?



this sound like the begining of mildew. you could try spraying with a fungicide.
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4 Aug, 2009


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4 Aug, 2009


could be mildew or stemrot cucumbers don't like their feet in water check that the growbag compost is not touching the stem.if it is just move it away with your hand and make sure the plant is on top of a ridge so exc.ess water can fall away

4 Aug, 2009

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