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cuke question again?

Massachusetts, United States

just a couple of leaves have turned a lite yellow and dry color what is causing this? Should I water more> I usually water everyother day when not to hot like 80 if it goes to high 80s I will water every day if soil is dry and then when it rains and it can be tricky i try to water in between three days of rain which has been the last months schedule.I also feed when I get a chance but at least once a week with general veggie garden liquid mix. Should I trim off the leaves and will this help it grow. Also I think I only have male flowers blooming tried to pollinate with paintbrush nothing happened.



if they are very old leaves they are just dieing off and you can snip them off with out harming the plant.
the females have small cucumber like extensions behind the flower so ignore the male flowers or remoe them totally.

28 Jul, 2009


thank you because all (5) blooming flowers that are coming out now have nothing behind them and please could someone tell me if this is normal or what wrong with my plant. Maybe it doesn't like me it does share a large rectangular pot with another cucumber much younger than itself. It decided to come up alot later.

29 Jul, 2009


I'd be tempted to remove the smaller plant to another plant. you will get female flowers at some point so dont give up on it. :o)

29 Jul, 2009


thanks so much seaburngirl I'll wait. Thats the hardest part of gardening is the waiting

29 Jul, 2009


I know and patience isnt a virtue in my case.

30 Jul, 2009

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