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Something is wrong with my cucumbers and courgette

United Kingdom

I bought virus resistant cucumber seed and all was well until they reached about a foot high.They are planted in large pots in my greenhouse.The new leaves grow green,but soon yellow and the edges of the leaves go brown and dead.the courgettes were raised in the greenhouse then planted out,they are going the same way.Both lots of plants are stunted,the cucumbers not setting fruit although they flower,the courgettes setting fruit which grow so far then go yellow at the end.What am I doing wrong?Please can anyone help



are you giving them plenty of water? they are very thristy plants.

21 Jul, 2009


Yellow at the end of courgettes sounds like blossom end rot. A disease that gets in to where the flower is os was attached. Think the damp weather doesnt help wih BER..

21 Jul, 2009


Are you getting both male and female flowers on the courgettes? If in any doubt that they're being pollinated, do it yourself. But if the female (fruit-bearing) flowers on the start to look like they are beginning to rot, remove them. This wouldn't explain the leaves but it's another possibility why the fruits aren't growing past a certain stage.

22 Jul, 2009

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