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why does my cucumber plant have white patches on the leaves?


By Law25

United Kingdom

I am very new to growing anything, this is my 1st time growing cucumber plants, I keep the plant in my conservatory wiv the windows open in the day, i have lots of cucumbers on the plant but just lately have noiced white patches on the leaves and leaves have lighten in colour, so has the lowest cucumber to the ground. The pot it is in is about 5" big is this to small? as the plant is now over 5 foot high. im scared its going to die. help please....... im feeding my plant with tomato feed by B&Q. it said it was ok to use on the back of bottle, do i need proper cucumber plant feed?

On plant law



pot is def to small although not sure if thats whats causing the patches , my cucumbers are two or three to a growbag and ten inch pots individually.

21 Jul, 2009


For the first time this year my husband has grown cucumbers out side. And some of his leaves have white patches as well and thy are vvery brittle ,He took some of the leaves off and found thy snaped off easy.But the ones up higher are not husband ask me to ask you are you feeding your plants.and
what with he said it my help for him to know what you are feeding them with. allthe best Chadwell

21 Jul, 2009


some times u get white patches on the leaves when u spill water on them and then the sun burns them and allways remember 2 keep water away from the stem

21 Jul, 2009


If the atmosphere is to humid and wet then this is ideal for mildew to form. Dont water leaves or spray inside the greenhouse much, just water soil and not splash it around. They do require some degree of humidity but not loads.

21 Jul, 2009

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