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Lebanese Small Cucumbers(sweet&early)

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I grew these last year very sucessful This year (new packet of seeds) flowers form cucumber grows to about 2ins then turns yellow and dies any ideas?

On plant Lebanese



The plant looks nice and healthy, so I'd guess that it's a variety with male flowers and female ones. I think I can see a male flower top centre. Perhaps the female flowers have to be pollinated to get the fruits to stay on, and this isn't happening. (although 'normal' cucumbers are supposed to be bitter if pollinated by male flowers)
Not a great cucumber fan, but that would be my guess.
This was on Yahoo 'answers'
"Cucumber plants have both male and female flowers, but only the female flowers will produce fruit. However, in order to do so, they must be pollinated by pollen from the male flower. This important transfer is usually conducted by bees, but the gardener can increase the quantity of fruit by carrying out some judicious hand pollination. The female flowers are easy to identify because each has a tiny cucumber at the base. Use a small brush to remove some of the pollen from the male flower and gently brush it onto the centre of the female flower"

21 Jul, 2009


If the fruits are growing up to a point then I reckon pollination has taken place , I remove the male flowers as they appear as Bertie says the fruit goes bitter if they are allowed to pollinate , I have plenty of fruit on mine although the odd one does turn yellow and die. What are you feeding with Pollyanna ? How much water are they getting?

21 Jul, 2009


I'd never heard of Lebanese cucumbers but found this interesting account on a site called ''. Doesn't tell us whether the flowers need to be pollinated or not though!

"Georges Aboumerhi made the Lebanese cucumber. Not a plant breeder or a botanist, nor even a seed salesman, Georges has made the Lebanese cucumber a market success because he is a cultural ambassador.

At their greenhouses at Les Cedres, just off busy Highway 20 west of Montreal, Georges and his wife Francine grow the small, sweet cucumbers that are so popular in the Middle East but are rarely seen in much of Canada."

"What are these cucumbers? They are small, sweet cucumbers with an edible skin. Mini-cucumbers (often called Persian cucumbers by Iranians) are known as Lebanese cucumbers in Montreal thanks to Aboumerhi’s tireless promotion of his product, which he calls Lebanese cucumbers."

22 Jul, 2009


Thanks for your comments. I have been to the greenhouse with a small soft brush and hope I have done the job of the bees,there have bee so few this yearThe plants are watered twice a day I have been feeding Tomorite but have now changed to Miracle-gro all purpose plant food.also used on my tomatoes. I was given the cucumber seed by a friend they came from Australia. We enjoyed then very much last year.

22 Jul, 2009

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