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Hi everyone, i had some lupins deposited by birds some time ago,potted them and now there in flower look nice but i was told they get very big,i gave them away as i havent got the room but the person i gave them to wants to know how big they get,thanks for any help.Rich



Yeah as you know birds will spread Lupin seeds & under the right conditions one plant can spread very easily given the chance > you can avoid them spreading simply by cutting off the flower heads when they have flowered & the seed pods have appeared, it should"nt stop the plant flowering again, or you can jst pot the plant in a pot big enough to prevent it spreading any further than the pot > personally more the merrier for me, when you see 1 or 2 flowering heads jst imagine 5 or 6, chances are thats what you would get the next year.

20 Jul, 2009


Sizes vary slightly, but around 3-4 feet high by about 2 feet wide.

20 Jul, 2009


i have one that is 4ft wide and flower spikes up to 5ft tall and some dwarf ones about 2ft spread.
I am surprised that birds deposit the seed, as they have explosive pods that throw the seed several yards away

20 Jul, 2009

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