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My cucumbers (3) plants are producing lots of flowers but no fruit>

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What can I do to help? They are in my potting shed which has glass all around and roog.



Do you leave the door open for insects to polinate the females? It needs to be open as long as possible (all day when the weather is changable like it is just now)
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19 Jul, 2009


Are any of the flowers being produced female flowers? You can tell the females as the base of the flower will look like a tiny cucumber. If there are female flowers on the plant then they probably just need pollinating. If there are only male flowers then you need to remove them to stimulate more flower to be produced, some of which should be female. The plants usually start to produce male flowers first at the lower level of the plant. The females come a little while later further up the plant.

20 Jul, 2009

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