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Plants For Terrariums


By Louise1

Somerset, United Kingdom

Does/has anyone make/made their own ?

I've said that i'll buy the plants and some small stones and pieces of wood to go in one that my mother is making.
It's not a tiny one, it's about 18" wide but i can't remember the other dimensions.

I'm having no luck with sourcing or obtaining suitable plants from a garden centre and have looked online but there seems to be a lack of plant suppliers.
If someone could let me know of any i'd be very grateful.



look at the que garden site or look at the lizerds you want and then look at wear they come can normaly put the plants that you keep indoors in them like cheese plants etc.depends on the inhabitants realy.what about them plants that they used to glue on chinese figures that dont need watering .a lot of lizerds come from desert were there isnt much plant.the other option that i mite be inclined to do is plastic plants theyve come a long way .maybe check out a goot pet suplier /

18 Jul, 2009


This is a sealed glass container for growing plants, definately no Lizards !!!

This one's not circular like most but rectangular and the opening is about 3" across.

Items that flower aren't suitable,even though some garden centres say they are, because when they drop them they'll rot.

Any more suggestions ?

19 Jul, 2009


I occassionally see very small plants at the GC when they are doing a feature on "miniature gardens"...but other than that all I can suggest is you buy some very small, slow growing green plants such as ferns, that would enjoy a moisture rich atmosphere. Have you tried online yet?..Perhaps Fractal could suggest somewhere ?
Sorry couldn't be more positive....

19 Jul, 2009


Thank you both.

I had forgotten that Fractal worked in a garden centre, i'll see if he can suggest something too.

By the way, i had no idea at all that animals were put into Terrariums so i apologise if i came across a bit 'off' Noseypotter.

19 Jul, 2009


I've had success in the past with small fragile ferns, hypoestes, pilea, syngonium, peperomia, african violets (Saintpaulia spp.), baby’s tears (Soleirolia soleirolii), and silver net plant (Fittonia verschaffeltii var. argyroneura ‘Minima’). Other suitable plants are begonias, crotons, and dracaena.

19 Jul, 2009


Thanks Bernie.
I'll copy those down and see if i can find them.
WHY is it so difficult to get them ???

19 Jul, 2009


no worries louise why not try some of the predatry plants.they come from very wet areas with hardley any food hence being predatry.excuse my spelling

19 Jul, 2009


Now that's an idea too, hadn't considered them Nosey, thanks :)

19 Jul, 2009


your welcome im going to as i hate flies and fly spray though they have a puras excuse my spelling

19 Jul, 2009


perpas even and still excuse my spelling

19 Jul, 2009


I'll certainly look into it Louise.

20 Jul, 2009


what fractal lol ?

21 Jul, 2009

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