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Hi all,ive got some lupins in a pot,because they were a mystery plant i put it in a pot like told to but now theres about 7 of them,firstly is this one plant or is it actually 7 i think,when i dug it up i thought it was a bulb but was it a seed pod maybe? final question,should i now put them back in the ground,thanks for any help



yes i would put them into the ground. lupins have large root systems and dont do that well in pots. give them plenty of space as in future years they will become large plants. water well until established or at least if it doesnt rain much.

29 Jun, 2009


Beware the greenfly though! Our lupins were beautiful but I had to cut them down sadly before they had really finished flowering. If I'd known they were that susceptible to it, I think I'd have sprayed, and I really don't do that unless in xtreme circumstances. Keep a sharp eye out on the new flower buds.

29 Jun, 2009


And snails! Some of the leaves of my lupins are reduced to "umbrella spikes!"

30 Jun, 2009


And Lupin Aphid. These are a different species to the usual ones and they are BIG - you'll know them if you see them! Unfortunately, we do get lupin aphid here in Hereford. I haven't grown any lupins for some years for that reason, but I did this year and so far they are clear. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they don't get discovered.......

7 Jul, 2009

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