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summer in New Zealand


My neighbors landlord needed to do extensive repairs to the 1930s house and helped him .
the rear of the section was a wilderness and as he needed a place to park his caravan and live there occasionally.
I suggested he fence off the rear 18 meters and park the caravan there and i would use the spare ground into a garden.
part of the wilderness was a 4 meter by 3 meter by 18 meter hedge not pruned for 30 years.
cutting it down we found a complete hen house under it
getting rid of the hedge was a breeze as a 44 gallon drum fire got rid of it in 3 days.
so this summer i have a great garden

so giant pumpkins tomatoes potatoes corn and more just starting to harvest now

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can you send some of that sunshine over to the uk please

26 Jan, 2014


Did you find any gold as well?? lol....

26 Jan, 2014


I second that Snoops!
lovely to hear about your garden again Piersdad.....

26 Jan, 2014


snoops i will ask the world to tilt your way a bit that might help
linclass i was digging where the top soil was just an inch thick an dug up a stone in the heavy grey soil this led me to realize that for the stone (unrelated to the environment) was a complete stranger to the soil and as it was buried about 4 inches down realized that it had to sink there when the 1860s years when the area here was swamps and rushes.
other evidence showed that where the rushes originally were a garden was made and found 1950s artifacts there (pair of nylons used to tie up plants)
so part of the ground i dug up appears to have not been disturbed (except to throw a rock in the mud) since 1850s
how ever i have a heavy clay base 15 inches below ground (holds the moisture) and grey topsoil that just needs some TLC

26 Jan, 2014


happy new year to you, not seen you lately. glad you are getting on in the sunshine. I'd like some sun too. :o)

26 Jan, 2014


Autumn here now 12hrs day 12hrs night. tomatoes are giving me 2 pounds a day and getting cabbage broccoli corn chard etc from the garden butter nut pumpkin was delicious mus save the seed some crown pumpkins coming up soon and been feeding off the potatoes as they mature

20 Mar, 2014

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