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Growing with the Moon in September 2011


So we did get the odd warm, sunny day and I got into the garden to lift some early potatoes! Now with September on the horizon it feels more like November… stove lit in the evenings and fingerless gloves on for gardening.

Here is some advice and tips for working in your garden in September:

Now is a good time to be sowing green manure, remember to sow on the correct leaf, flower or fruit day. There have been some concerns over the use of mustard seed as a green manure with many allotment holders reporting it has caused club root on their plots, so you might want to think twice before using.

As you are harvesting the last of the beans and peas on 6 – 18 (am), cut them off at the stalk leaving the roots in the ground, thus allowing the nitrogen to return to the earth.

Harvest your top fruits when the moon is ascending from 6 – 18 (am)

Transplant your spring cabbage and earth up your leeks on a leaf day 4, 12 (pm) – 13 and 23 – 24 (before 10am).

To clear land of brambles and briers, dig them up or cut them down on the perigee and, if possible, when the moon is waxing and close to new, 27 September.

Spread manure and seaweed when the moon is descending and waxing but avoiding fire signs. 21 – 24 (before 10am) and 27 – 1 Oct.

Plant fruit trees and bushes on 6 – 7, 10 – 11, 16 – 17 and 25 – 26. Best planting days are 6 – 7.

Harvest your root vegetables on 1 – 4, 20 – 27 (before noon) and 28 (pm) – 1 Oct., when the Moon is descending.

Harvest all other vegetables on 6 – 18 when the Moon is ascending.

No work or harvesting should be done in the garden on 5 ascending node, 19 afternoon descending node and 27 (noon) – 28 (noon) perigee.

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I've just discovered you! All the locals here garden/farm by the phases of the moon and take it very seriously. I get into a lot of trouble if I'm seen planting things at the wrong time and have resorted to lying a lot - they also incorporate Saints' days, which complicates things somewhat. I buy a gardeners' lunar calendar every year and do my best, but it's really hard if the onion sets have to be planted before the moon turns and you've got a million and one other things to do before then and the scirocco's just getting into it's stride. My brother books his skiing holidays according to the moon - he SOUNDS mad, but he says it makes a difference to the quality of the snow, and people are beginning to believe him. Does that come into your remit?

20 Sep, 2011


Well I don't ski full stop but I can well believe that the moon's energy will have an effect on the snow - after al snow is water! As well as the food growing part In Tune with the Moon also gives information on when to have your hair cut, depilate, start a fast or detox - all fascinating stuff. If you PM me you address I'll send you a copy of the 2011 edition.


20 Sep, 2011

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