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I'm a 43 yr old self employed mechanic who specialises in Mercedes.I discovered gardening when my partner & I got together seven years ago.We're part of the growing band of 'together apart' movement,as we are both very headstrong!
The advantage of this is that we have my garden to try out new plants to see if they live up to expectations before we put them into her matured walled garden.
My garden favourites include Campanula's, Rhodochiton, Penstemon Huskers Red, Aserina, perennial Lobelias & Cleome.
My absolute fave is Lobelia Queen Victoria.I can't tell you how hacked off I was when I lost virtually my entire stock over the winter.
Pet hates are Pansies, Petunias, Primrose, Busy Lizzies & any seed packet with the word mixed on it!

Latest photos

  • Salvia 'Black and Bloom' (Salvia guaranitica)
  • Cuphea llavea (Cuphea llavea (Cuphea))
  • Mackaya bella (Mackaya bella)
  • Albuca bracteata (Ornithogalum bracteata) (Albuca bracteata)

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County: Oxfordshire

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