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Always "done" the gardening, but new to Veggie and Herb gardening, next year will be adding 5 to 6 fruit bushes.

I am a "clipper", one of my hobbies is Bonsai trees, and it's rubbed off, all my plants and bushes get clipped spring and autumn. Although my style of gardening is very jungle like. Every square inch has to be filled.

I go to a gardening class once a week (term time) and a garden club once a month, so i am hopong to increase my knowedge before next years season starts.

Other interests: Reading, part of a Library reading group. Writing, part of a Writers group. Knitting. Improving my computor skills. Wine drinking and travel.

Next new thing to come along: fruit bush growing and photography (will father christmas bring me a camera of my own?)

Family: Married 49 years, one son, one daughter, 2 granddaughters and 1 grandson.

Latest photos

  • Red Barberry
  • Green Bamboo (Fargesia Mur "Simba")
  • Little red tree (Acer palmatum)
  • Heavenly or Sacred Bamboo (Nandina Domestica)

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Country: United Kingdom

County: West Yorkshire.