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hi, We are Angie & Brooke, I (Angie - well you did'nt think the 3 year old was typing this did you? lol) am a thirty something florist, with a keen interest in plants and gardening. Brooke is the 3 year old little monkey, that enjoys playing with mud and worms, and picking flowers for mummy. We moved to our new house in December 06 - and we inherited a long pointed peice of waste ground filled with building rubish (from the huge extension we had built) every manor of over grown weeds including bind weed, brambles, stinngy knettles and hawthorne bushes - some 10ft high, two scabby apple trees covered in caterpillers, broken glass, hardcore and even an old broken toilet, oh and 2 falling down sheds on thick concrete base! - ground force come and get us!!!! lol. well here we are 3 years later, and with a little help from our friends (pollynpercy included) we come up with this (feel free to check out the continuing blogs I have written all about our many adventures and projects) - it really is a work in progress and proberly will be for a few years to come. I have been a interested in gardening since I was 4 years old - sounds silly but my nan was a real fanatic and she managed to get me hooked - built my first pond and garden age 8 - 10 and then become a florist age 25. I currently only work one day a week (my cheeky monkey demands most of my time) and any spare time I have is spent in the garden, - passing on the love of gardening to Brooke, - so far she seems to love it every bit as much as I did. I have been a meber of GOY for quite some time now, and still look forward to logging on all the time, I have made some wonderful friends, and had some great laughs, and on top of that there is always something new to learn in the wonderful world of Grows On You.

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