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Questions From 'Guest'

Who is 'Guest'?

'Guest' is someone that has not joined Grows on You. If a non-member asks a question on Grows On You, that question appears to come from 'Guest'.

Why are non-members asking questions?

Many members have joined Grows on You to ask a question and gone on to become active members and help others. We're making it easier for people to take that first step.

New technology can be daunting. By making questions easier, we hope even the least techie gardeners start to get involved with Grows on You.

What else can guests do?

Asking 1 question is the only thing that guests can do. If someone asks a question and then joins they can 're-claim' their question to provide more detail or thank the answerers. We think having 1 question answered will whet guests appetite and encourage them to join in.

Will questions from members suffer?

We don't think so, but this is something we are going to be watching. If you have any concerns, please let us know.

Any problems

We hope this won't be abused but if you think a guest question is suspicious or breaks our guidelines, please flag it to us.