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I retired to look after our grandson for two days a week while our daughter went back to work, that was five years ago.(Now we have three grandchildren) My hubby is also retired now and we both love to hate our garden at times ! Sometimes the workload in the garden gets us down and then we want to move away/downsize, relocate etc. and live by the sea or move to the country and then something else crops up,(and the kids need some money!) we have been in our house for over thirty eight years and I suppose the garden has been planted so it doesnt make us too much work, I tend to pack everything in tightly and if it spreads, then good, less work for me. Anything for a peaceful, easy life!
Thanks for being friends on here, it's great.

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A sea of red poppies @ the Tower of London.

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At last..............a much tidier corner !

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Happy Easter everyone.

Posted on 20 Apr, 2014 12 comments

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