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Genus: Lupinus

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Lupins are popular in gardens and have a distinct and easily recognized leaf. Their flowers grow on an erect spike. They fix nitrogen from the atmosphere into ammonia fertilizing the soil for other plants.

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  • lupin, pink and one blue spike (lupinus)
    By Sarah65
  • Lupinus 'Masterpiece' (Lupinus)
    By karensus..
  • Lupin 'Noble Maiden' (Lupinus)
    By spritzhe..
  • Lupins. 'Russell Hybrids' (Lupinus Pollyphyllus 'Russell Hybrids')
    By goringfo..


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lupinus angustifolius

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19 May, 2009

lupins being attacked by greenfly

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14 Apr, 2008

Species of Lupinus

  • Lupinus albicaulis
  • Lupinus albifrons
  • Lupinus albus
  • Lupinus angustifolius
  • Lupinus arboreus
  • Lupinus arbustus
  • Lupinus arcticus
  • Lupinus argenteus
  • Lupinus aridorum
  • Lupinus arizonicus
  • Lupinus benthamii
  • Lupinus bicolor
  • Lupinus bingenensis
  • Lupinus burkei
  • Lupinus caespitosus
  • Lupinus caudatus
  • Lupinus chamissonis
  • Lupinus concinnus
  • Lupinus cosentinii
  • Lupinus diffusus
  • Lupinus excubitus
  • Lupinus foliolosus
  • Lupinus formosus
  • Lupinus havardii
  • Lupinus hirsutissimus
  • Lupinus hirsutus
  • Lupinus jaimehintoniana
  • Lupinus kuntii
  • Lupinus kuschei
  • Lupinus latifolius
  • Lupinus lepidus
  • Lupinus leucophyllus
  • Lupinus littoralis
  • Lupinus longifolius
  • Lupinus luteus
  • Lupinus lyallii
  • Lupinus macbrideanus
  • Lupinus michelianus
  • Lupinus micranthus
  • Lupinus microcarpus
  • Lupinus minimus
  • Lupinus mutabilis
  • Lupinus nanus
  • Lupinus niveus
  • Lupinus nootkatensis
  • Lupinus nubigenus
  • Lupinus odoratus
  • Lupinus oreganus
  • Lupinus parviflorus
  • Lupinus peirsonii
  • Lupinus perennis
  • Lupinus plattensis
  • Lupinus polycarpus
  • Lupinus polyphyllus
  • Lupinus prunophilus
  • Lupinus pusillus
  • Lupinus rivularis
  • Lupinus rupestris
  • Lupinus sericeus
  • Lupinus smithianus
  • Lupinus sparsiflorus
  • Lupinus stiversii
  • Lupinus subcarnosus
  • Lupinus succulentus
  • Lupinus sulphureus
  • Lupinus texensis
  • Lupinus tidestromii
  • Lupinus vallicola
  • Lupinus variicolor
  • Lupinus villosus
  • Lupinus wyethii