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Iris 'apostle plant'

Genus: Neomarica.

Species: Neomarica gracilis.

I found this plant at the univ. greenhouse. More common in the 50's, it is also known as the twelve tribes plant, because the twelfth leaf in each bunch blooms at the end. Mine has bloomed on earlier leaves after the first blooming. The leaf bend over and flower come from a little bract. They last a few hours each, but catching one open is stunning. A new plant form at this spot after blooming passes. Mine blooms in January each year, a real warm up in mid winter. This is my favorite bloom and really under appreciated. I keep it high as a hanging plant so the flowers are easier to view. Easy to maintain, separate to prop. or keep small. About four ft tall, so needs some space. Blows my mind every winter.

Photos of this plant