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African violet 'Kiwiland Treasure'

Genus: Saintpaulia.

Species: Saintpaulia ionantha.

I started this from one leaf years ago, not in perfect shape anymore, but I defy those that want the perfect plant and swear if you grow upshoots, it'll quit blooming. This is second year of blooming. It is a trailing variety and I expect to spread it across a whole table. I always water from the bottom and keep getting wider pots but always shallow for this trailer. I have six more now from leaves i removed. After removing the stem, I poked the stem edge of the leaf into peat perlite mix i use for most propagating and filled up with water once or twice a week to keep moist. New plants came up about a month later. Any rotting, immediately remove that leaf and throw out. A. violets rot easy touching water.

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