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Lilium, 'blackout'

Genus: Lilium.

Species: Lilium speciosum.

Dark red center lily I've had now three years. I haven't had the same experience twice yet, as it has moved three times and moving now for a fourth but the best performance has been tall and full, with a great reproduction that year, doubling the clump. This was done in a heavy compost fed raised bed with a weed barrier lining the box. The second year the clump couldn't grow as it was already too large for the restriction of the barrier. I moved it in June and it grew and began flowering in 60 days and I expect that in the next season it will really bring a great show again. Seems the web calls it trouble free and good for many conditions, I would think to agree. It just keeps plugging along. I love to pair the darkness of these flowers to a bright partner flower. I've used a yellow dwarf zinnia and loved how it framed the darkness with sunshine. I'll try to continue to write, but I always link new pictures. :-)

Photos of this plant