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Clematis tangutica

Genus: Clematis.

Species: Clematis tangutica.

Hardy fall flowering clematis, this will brighten those autumn days with medium size yellow bells followed by large seed heads that may cling through winter. I planted them this spring, 2011. One on each side of my garden gate. It has grown in nice and dense, about 6-7foot before the cold weather set in. There were a few early blooms but most came in the late fall, in a big flurry. I hope that it gets going a little earlier now that its here in my east beds. There is a variety 'Bill Mackenzie' that flowers a few weeks earlier. One I pretended I'd grabbed but just knew better. Bill Mackenzie leaves are slightly larger as well. On the first frost, during the night, a moose raided the garden, consuming the top leaving about 3 foot, the height of the trellising. I think they are just eating green growth, nothing woody, A set back, but one I think tangutica will recover well from. Can't wait to see what it does next year.

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