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Genus: Bergenia.

Species: Bergenia cordifolia.

This bergenia and many others seem to enjoy living here in Alaska, even in the cold interior. I haven't had any problems, although I placed it on the edge of a dry exposed bank, so it gets lots of morning sun and is almost never wet for a long period. I has rewarded me with constant and vigorous growth, little to no winter death or scarlet leaves, just a flopping green mass when I pull the mulch in may that stands right up in the sun and blooms its little head off. Really a showstopping image, blooms in the late frost while the green of new grass is just starting. Almost beats the trees. I have added a double flowering plum just to try and have something else blooming with it. Easy tp divide, I just cut right through from the roots up, breaking apart what seemed to be a crown. Just be careful not to cut off a cane, as it spread somewhat like a philodendron, the long new growth no always connected to new rooting underground. Still, it can survive it, done in spring. Really a joy, and there are many different forms to choose from.

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