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Rose: adelaide hoodless

Genus: Rosa.

Species: Rosa x 'Adelaide Hoodless Rose'.

Canadian Strain developed in 10973 for cold hardiness, it does live up to the hype. I've had it three years now, and it just gets taller and more productive. I've been cutting down to 6 inches of the center in spring when the buds appear. This years I left more active buds and got a stronger new cane, but not much from anything else. Pruning is still my test. Coming to about 4 foot tall this year, carrying a head of 25 buds and blooming through the last month and a half of summer. Really a dear. Nice dark red blooms and this year with the cool, always staying a ltitle closed and demure, hot weather spreads these blooms wide, exposing the center and usually decreasing the flower life considerably. I'll be collecting more of this series as I can.

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