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Peppers: Banana

Genus: Capsicum.

Species: Capsicum annuum.

A lovely pepper that I try to grow each year. Must be grow in the heat and so here its porch or greenhouse. Much less of a bug problem on the porch due to the open wind, but the greenhouse would be reliable warmth. With a close eye kept on pests, I could get a good crop of sweet ripe banana peppers before the season ends. These will ripen a bit and make a nice stuffed chili


Stuff cleaned and rinsed banana peppers (preferably yellow to red, late season is my favorite) with 16oz cream cheese whipped with 1T lemon juice, more if you like... Batter with fruit tempura and drop in hot oil until golden brown. Dry and cool. I like them best kept in the freezer and heated under the broiler during winter, a wonderful late season treat.

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