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Bergamot 'Fireball Bee Balm'

Genus: Monarda.

Species: Monarda didyma.

A new addition in 2009, this variety states a hardiness to -40 so it should survive my conditions. I love the deep herbaceous smell and keep it close to reach so I can indulge in it. This year it has reached about 3 feet in height and blooming began in mid July. A deep crimson blossom and color to the leaves around the blossoms. I'm hearing it is a bit of a thug and new shoot are a bit like mint as they stretch out so I'm not doubting that. I'll have to keep my eye on it. I've got it next to other perrenial such as iberis and dianthus which may be able to withstand its encrouching. If not, I can divide and spread. :-)

Photos of this plant