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Primula polyanthus

Genus: Primula.

Species: primula.

A hybrid type of polyanthus, the blooms are atop a flowering stem rather than bursting singley from the plants core like a primula vulgaris, or common primrose. Not to me confused with the Candelabra primulas which are a much taller group in the many species of primrose, the polyanthus are bred to be more vigorous and bright coming mainly as F1's, thus, a much more expensive seed. (If you don't know F1, this is a intensely bred hybrid which can be repeated but cannot be bred on its own, the seed must be manufactured by breeding for this result each time.) A nice spring bloomer, I'll put out to grow most of summer in a part shade position before bringing in to bring into flower the following spring. Liking moisture I will keep the peat level in the soil higher to retain moisture and keep a rich feed for the plant. I hope I can get it big and beautiful, the primula have not appreciated my infrequent winter watering cycle. :-)

Photos of this plant