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Columbine 'Clemantine Blue'

Genus: Aquilegia.

Species: Aquilegia vulgaris.

A compact double blooming upright variety, this blooms through spring. Though a shorter season than other columbines its rose shape is very unusual. My variety is a deep blue. I had only two flushes last spring but I was unaware that I needed to remove seeds forming to stimulate flowering. I'll try to lengthen the season this coming spring by dead heading. My flowers formed low to the ground, only about 6 inches off the soil but the plant developed to double that hieght. Waiting for a second season to see if the plant has increased in hieght or if the early blooms are lower because the plant hasn't grown much yet. I moved it last fall to a more shaded position where it has all its own space and should bloom a little later and hopefully longer.

Photos of this plant