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Lophospermum 'Wine Red'

Genus: Asarina.

Species: Asarina erubescens.

Looks like Lophospermum and Asarina are the same plant and Asarina is in the GOY book already, so Asarina it is. :-) Ivy like leaves and habit, this trailing plant grew vigorously and began blooming in mid summer. Blossoms are long tubes that open as four petaled faces at the ends. Enjoys full sun. It did entangle itself into other plants so I would suggest planting beneath upright varieties that dont mind something thick around their feet. Blossoms fell at first hint of cold just before frosts set in. Could really be a show stopper with heat and good watering. I had a cold summer and it did well, but would have been huge with more heat. Attractive foliage, triangle leaves with toothed edges, a little fuzzy. Easy to grow, and very fullfilling.

Photos of this plant