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Bidens 'Mexican Gold'

Genus: Bidens.

Species: Bidens ferulifolia.

Strongly pungent scent, this plant drew bee's from everywhere. The flowering never stopped with dead heading and in an east exposure, good sun here, it just grew and grew becoming a 2x3 ft mound. What a joy! After frost I went out removing plants and found it had become a woody shrub that had rooted along any branches grazing the ground. I will have to bring one in next year and enjoy it for longer. I don't expect any pest problems but I may not be able to take the scent. I would love to develop a master plant that gives show stopper effect year after year. I am going to choose a wide and shallow hanging basket for its residence. It would probably spread along the ground in a zone 7 or better filling a hot area.

Photos of this plant