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Azalea "Orchid Lights"

Genus: Rhododendron.

Species: Rhododendron canadense.

Second Azalea addition, again in the northern lights hybrids Rhododendron canadense x Rhododendron kosteranum developed for cold hardiness. I've got it all wrapped up through winter. We have some early melts sometimes and late frosts, so the protection is to keep the buds from dropping. Pinks blossoms and light deciduous foliage. It had dropped about half its leaves this falls before wrapping up. Hoping to have some blooming tips to post this spring. I have seen some survivers here in town, so heres hoping.

Now on the second year of this one. Died to the ground and grew back in place. I've got them against a southeastern bank where there may be wind but they are in the crutch of the bank. I'm hoping they come through this winter in the ground as well as they came through the winter in pots. Better actually, lets see blooms. :-) I've put in place a scatter of bone meal in the bottom of each hole like with the rose.

thumbs up. Entry 04/10

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