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Living here in South West France near the Pyrenees we experience "interesting" weather. Ranging from a pretty hot 30C - 40C in the summer to a regular -14C in the winter and pretty deep snow. When it rains...oh rains, being in the mountains we get storms.

Funny village as well, in our old house we were one side of the river and the soil was rich, dark loam. We have built a new house and moved to the other side and it is solid clay, so we are not only this year trying to mould a garden from a field but also fight the soil! Fortunately the local "tip" has an unending supply of free compost for residents. My vegetable's are my real favourite but also anything that attracts butterfiles and birds in the flower garden.

The plot is 100 metres long and 25 metres wide so I am trying to make it seem shorter and wider! I have planted a veg garden in a circle which is great and easy to work. now working on large beds of mainly shrubs and perennials. I adore Clematis so I shall be trying to buy more next year and build a bit of a collection.

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  • Silk Tree
  • DSCN0341 (Spiraea nipponica "Snowmound")
  • DSCN0341 (Spiraea nipponica "Snowmound")
  • Agapanthus

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