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The Harvest


In the hottest part of the summer here in Arizona, it is best to water early in the morning (before the sun rises too high) or early evening (just before sunset). One morning when I was outside doing my watering chores, I decided to have my cup of tea outside and take a little me time to relax and reflect. As I sat there – behind me on the trellis was pink jasmine, on the table was a jug of fragrant roses, across the yard were my two lilac trees, and they were all sending out wafts of their particular scents in my direction with the constant breeze that was blowing seemingly from all directions. I looked up and I saw two hummingbirds darting in and out of the sprinklers..taking their morning shower? I could almost see them using tiny towels. From there, almost at the same time – they darted over to my red agave plants, had a bit of breakfast (they are really fast eaters!); then quickly out of sight. For the next two hours I just sat there looking to see what I could see. I found lots to look at and enjoy in my garden but best of all I found such a sense of peace. So that day I didn’t sow anything but the harvest I reaped was really bountiful!!

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These are the best moments, when we can watch the creation ,that we have been part of in our own bit of this earth, doing it's own thing. I love it when the creatures appear and I realise that it is their space too, and I share it with them.

21 Aug, 2008


Yes, sometimes we're so busy working on our gardens that we forget to 'stop and smell the roses'.

You give such a vivid description of your wonderful scented garden that I can really envisage it.

Congrats. on taking time to appreciate your own special harvest.

21 Aug, 2008


Sounds heavenly, Gardengnome. I can understand why you sat there for so long! That poem comes to mind - 'What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare'...But how can you bear to cut your roses? I just can't! I grow sweet peas and sweet williams for cutting, but everything else is left in situ in the garden. I wish I had space for a cutting garden, that would solve my problem!

21 Aug, 2008


I dont know about you lot, but it would be nice to get some dry weather so we can sit in our gardens and enjoy the things we have done in it, but your garden sounds so relaxing.

21 Aug, 2008


sounds like you have a lovely few hrs GG, just relaxing and enjoying your garden ,,,,,,,,,,,

21 Aug, 2008


Sounds idyllic to me. What a lovely way to start the day.

21 Aug, 2008


hiya gg sounds like your wishing well is working, i hope you get a load more of them mornings:-)

21 Aug, 2008


Spritz, the more roses I cut from my bushes, the more they seem to produce! I don't let them get to the deadheading, rose-hip-producing-stage until they are at the end of their production period for the year. So I cut and keep roses all summer long.

23 Aug, 2008

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