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“I don’t know about you but when I first started gardening I made a few errors. Some of my errors has caused an alarm to be raised among the wild life that inhabit my garden and has put me on several hit lists.
I enjoy the birds that visit my yard; I even have several birdfeeders – so it was purely an accident when…while pruning a Pyracantha bush… I lopped off a limb that just happen to have a bird’s nest on it (I really didn’t see it), that just happen to contain two eggs in it – none of which survived the fall. Well mama bird soon spread the word and just like that I was on the BIRD HIT LIST. From that moment on, my car always has signs of bird bombs.
Then one day I was taking advantage of the mild weather we were having last winter by getting a jump on a new flowerbed for spring planting. I was really enjoying turning the soil until one shovel full started moving. As I looked closer I saw with dismay that I had dug a lizard family out of hibernation! Oh no..I hastily relocated them to another spot. But it was too late – I had made the LIZARD LIST.
A part of a display in my front yard was a road runner figurine that must have really looked real because a real road runner spent almost an hour trying to mate with it. I was behind a tree with my camera up to my face trying to get a picture of the sight but as I stepped out from behind the tree, I stepped on the cat’s tail (I didn’t see the cat – he was stalking the road runner). The cat’s squawk startled the roadrunner and that in turn got me on both THE ROADRUNNER and THE CAT LIST!! I was scared to go outside for at least a week!! And just how does your garden grow??

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Very funny blog. Our birds bomb our car too, and I don't think we offended them. Rather the opposite, provided them with a feast of fruit & berries, obvious in their bombs.
Hope your lizards survived.
We had a young blackbird pecking at a ceramic frog next to our pond.

2 Aug, 2008


There's nothing like a good laugh. I'm sorry you're so unpopular with the local wildlife Gardengnome but it's really brightened up my morning.

2 Aug, 2008


Thanks for making me smile! I needed it because my laptop won't do anything this morning - I guess it'll have to be 'looked at' so I am on the PC which DOESN'T have my photos on it! Oh woe and double woe! I don't think I have upset it - can you upset laptops? The only bit with a tail is the mouse!

2 Aug, 2008


Hmmm - I must be on the slug and snail hit list from the number in my garden :-(

2 Aug, 2008


Much needed comic relief! Thanks for that. Trust me they don't hold a grudge for long. lol

2 Aug, 2008


You can definitely upset computers Spritz. Ours have regular sulks. My hubby gets cross and speaks very sternly to it which seems to make it worse.

2 Aug, 2008


lol thanks for that laugh gardengnome, i could picture it all in my head happening, very funny .

2 Aug, 2008


Thanks for the making me laugh Gardengnome

2 Aug, 2008


Thanks all. Since those incidents I've had encounters with Jake the Snake; Earl the Squirrel; Habitt the Rabitt; and several unnamed others. Look for them in a future blog. Happy Gardening!!

2 Aug, 2008


Hi Gardengnome.
We get bombed by seagulls regularly, I'm sure they deliberately aim for our car.

2 Aug, 2008


Toby-I checked the roof of my car to see if there was a target painted on it!

2 Aug, 2008


Great Blog and it certainly raised a smile.

2 Aug, 2008



Like it GG :0)

17 Aug, 2009


Ha ha! This is funny. Walt (Disney) could use some of this material, with all our old favourites and some new ones!! :)

5 Sep, 2009


Thoroughly enjoyed the wit! Wonderful piece...:)

16 Sep, 2009


had a family friend for a while while getting over a parting from her partner.
i called her dutchess.
however i hacked her computor and set a voice programme that would say something when she shut down her computor.
well this day she was deleting all the things on her computor that reminded her of her partner and when she shut down her computor that night it said in a kindly voice
"good night dutchess"
we all heard the scream as she said "my @#$ computers come alive"

6 Jan, 2010



6 Jan, 2010

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