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Almost December


It has been two months since my last blog, cannot believe how the time passes by so quickly!

I have been sweeping up the fallen leaves from the grapevine, the grapes have almost all been eaten by the birds now, just a few hanging on. They are far too sour and full of seeds for my liking, just grow the vine for the autumnal leaves really!

The lawn had a final cut and edge a month ago as it’s too wet now to be mown until the Spring, unless we have a very dry month or two ahead.

Most mornings there are Blackbirds and Sparrows pecking away for worms, rarely any Starlings though. Perhaps they have all migrated to warmer climes, sensible birds! A pair of Magpies are regular visitors, often chased away by the Seagulls. I no longer put any food out for the bigger birds, just Sunflower hearts and fat balls for the Goldfinches, Dunnock and Sparrows.

There have been an awful lot of leaves and twiggy branches falling into the garden from the neighbours Beech tree, the branches have been picked up and binned but the leaves, I’m afraid, are going to stay as I can’t be doing with gathering them all up this year.

The seed heads of a Clematis tangutica are attractive this year, as are the plumes of the Zebra grass …

I was surprised to see a bloom coming on a Honeysuckle and a single flower on the Senecio …

I am pleased to report that my eight week Cardiac Rehab. course ended last week, and was chuffed to be told I have made good progress and need to keep on with the exercising.

Imagine how surprised I was later that day to look in on the local Freecycle website and see that a small exercise trampoline was on offer. As I had been using one at the rehab. sessions, I thought I would ask if it was still available and am very happy to say I now have it in my spare room! This means that once, possibly twice a week, I am able to exercise for about an hour at home, five minutes of different movements, not all on the trampoline obviously!

Our five year old grandaughter came round and kindly said I could go on hers and we could do Star Jumps together. Hmm, that’s definitely not going to happen!

I hope you are all keeping safe and warm on this chilly November night.

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Shirley .. super seed heads pics ... well done...

Keep on with the trampoline training... women's trampoline is one of the events in the 2020 Olympics. By that time you'll be ready for your gold medal performance .. looking forward to following your progress !

29 Nov, 2017


Good to hear your news Shirley. I seem to remember you did the Reunion one year, and met up with two other members ? Somewhere at the seaside ?
Maybe me getting muddled up.

29 Nov, 2017


Keep up the good recovery, don't overdo it in the garden.

29 Nov, 2017


Lovely blog Shirley ... it always surprises me how some plants flower many months out of their season.

I'm glad you're making good progress with your health :)

29 Nov, 2017


Well done Shirley! You are doing brilliantly! Scott and I are now members of the local David Lloyd leisure club and we go for a proper swim three times a week. Great exercise, but boy am I feeling it. I forgot that I had muscles in various places that I never usually use! But hopefully it will get me fitter and stronger so I can continue to do my gardening for the forseeable. Nice photos Shirley :) I now have an image of you doing starjumps on your trampoline!

29 Nov, 2017


Your grapevine leaves are so beautiful aren't they - must give you a lift ever time you see them. And that tangutica has done well too - like a lot of little old men having a confab!

Glad you're doing well Shirley. How good to find the mini trampoline. I've been told that a short session every day is more effective than a long one once a week. Glad you have somewhere to keep it - I found the main problem was storage - mine has ended up hanging from the garage roof, where its rather hard to get at so sadly it never comes down...!

29 Nov, 2017


Tt, I fell about laughing when I read your comment. Not a chance of winning a medal, gold or otherwise, for trampolining!

Diane, Bloomer and Pansypotter were holiday in Devon and had arranged to meet up with Wildrose at the Dartington Glass factory in August 2015. My OH and I were holidaying in the area and were fortunate enough to have a Devon cream tea with all of them! The coach itinerary meant that our time spent with them all was rather short though.

Thanks Siris, it's really too cold for me to be out in the garden at the moment ... :o(

Hywel, it really has been a strange year for the garden plants. I still have Pelargoniums in bloom in a big pot, madness!

That's great news Karen, swimming is such a good form of exercise. I have been told that Aquaerobics would be too much of a strain for my heart, but a few widths of a heated pool would be ok so long as I warm up first and cool down after. Think I shall stick with the home exercises and a daily walk! Oh, you really need to get the Starjump image out of your head, ha ha!

Oh Stera, love your description of the Tangutica seedheads, brilliant! Shame your trampoline is a hanging one, get it down and join me!
Should I tell you that I found Megan cat sleeping on it this morning .....

29 Nov, 2017


Forgot to say Shirley..I also have a surprise bloom on a honeysuckle! And your vine leaves are just gorgeous.

29 Nov, 2017


Well done, Shirley, so glad to hear of your progress although star jumps on your trampoline might be a bit much just yet, lol.

30 Nov, 2017


Bloomer, Wildrose and Pansy Potter it was.
Good you could join them.
Maybe I will also be lucky at Eastbourne in June.

30 Nov, 2017


So pleased to hear your good news, Shirley! Keep it up & try not to overdo it!

Your photos are great & that grape vine looks wonderful in its autumn colours!

30 Nov, 2017


Karen, it's very strange to see Honeysuckle coming into flower now! I still have some bright yellow Calendulas which have been flowering since about June ... :o)

Gf, thanks for your comment and, I agree, star jumps are way off!

Thanks Balcony, when we planted the vine, the builder said it would never grow in our North facing back garden. Hmm, how wrong he was!

2 Dec, 2017


Shirley, you put me to shame! I do no exercises whatsoever though I have been rushing around the last week or so Does that count?

I have a small rebounder stored somewhere. Actually I might have a look for it now that you've reminded me. I believe rebounding is an excellent form of exercise. I used to place it under the staircase and hang on to the steps!! Safer for me that way. I think trying a star jump would end in my being concussed! :O)

I remember photographing a cyclamen seedhead when I bought my very first digital camera(Fuji) years ago. I was pleased with the image. Must try and find it.

Meanwhile......Keep..... Jumping!!

2 Dec, 2017


Eirlys, I'm sure 'rushing around' counts as exercise! You go easy on the rebounder if you decide to give it a go. I have been gardening for about an hour today as it's much milder than yesterday. Just cutting things back, nothing too strenuous!

2 Dec, 2017


I am so pleased that you are feeling much fitter and are doing so very well.
I love your vine, the colours are so beautiful. It is worth having for the leaves alone.
Hope you enjoy lots of wintry walks.

3 Dec, 2017


Lovely to see whats going on in your garden Shirley and fabulous to read that you are doing so well healthwise, time flies when we're having fun is the saying and that trampoline sounds a lot of fun, wouldn't dare try one myself as I'm not sure how the knees or my wonky hip would react, think I get enough exercise trying to keep up with Harriet, lol..

5 Dec, 2017


Thanks Chris, we enjoyed a lovely walk along by the river Arun in Littlehampton on Sunday morning. I think most folk were doing their Christmas shopping as the place was almost deserted!

Lincs, I have been told by the Cardiology Team that they don't need to see me for about six months, hooray! Young Harriet sounds like she's keeping you well toned ... :o)

6 Dec, 2017


That's excellent news, Shirley! Keep up with your exercises but don't overdo it.

7 Dec, 2017


Oh thanks Balcony ... very kind words ... :o))

8 Dec, 2017


Another missed blog......such good news for you Shirley, very pleased for you.
The garden looks great as usual, don't jump too high and bang your head on the ceiling lol

9 Jan, 2018


Oh thanks so much Dotty ... haven't jumped THAT high yet! Another day of heavy rain here ... :o((

15 Jan, 2018


PM sent your way, Shirley.

19 Jan, 2018


Off to read it now ...

19 Jan, 2018

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