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Foliage - Glistening and shimmering!


It’s been raining here for the last 2 days – I love the garden in the rain and I love to garden in the rain!

There is a misty eerie feel – perfect for this time of year!

I always think that gardens take on a different dimension when it’s moist and misty outdoors. The senses are really turned on when we venture outdoors on rainy occasions. The one job I love to do when it’s raining is weeding. The weeds pull out the soil with little effort, especially in the lovely rich soil I have in my garden. Quite possibly gardening in the rain is not for everyone but I do recommend giving it a try – I often feel just as invigorated as my garden does! Having said that, I would not dream on venturing out in torrential rain, unless absolutely necessary!

As I was busying myself with moving some pots and containers into their winter homes I just couldn’t help admiring how lovely foliage looks in the rain.

Cotinus Grace is barely a foot high – but her rain drenched foliage really stands out against the yellowing of the hydrangea leaves

Dusky Maiden – all those little water droplets strung out along the stems

The rain is not dampening the spirits of Physocarpus Burning Embers.

Cornus alternifolia Argentea compete with cobweb for effect.

In sharp contrast, excuse the pun! Mahonia x media proving it has the ouch factor!

No ouch factor on the new Mahonia Soft Caress though – very tactile ferny foliage, don’t you think?

Reflections…the rain turns the Ophiopogon into little mirror like straps

Wooly thyme looks good in terracotta too!

A carpet of purple four leaved clover refreshed after a good soak.

Whilst grasses gently weep under the weight of water

Kniphofia on the other hand – fold under pressure!

Red and Green together in the garden is one of mother natures best combos! What do you think?

Red stems and green leaves of the Enkianthus – note no autumn colour yet.

It won’t be long before the red stems of the Cornus delight my eyes in winter

Of course, what red and green combo comes much better than green leaves and red berries. This shot really captures the atmosphere in the garden this last couple of day.

Even a dying Persicaria leaf doesn’t look too bad.

I’ve managed to recreate that combo around the garden.

Cotoneaster, Heuchera and Leucothoe

Euphorbia Silver Swan and Sedum

Acer and Japanese Holly fern – giving the wow factor!

Textures and shades of green add a little something for winter in red containers.

Speaking of textures and shades of green – I love the jungle effect of the side garden

Fatsia, Ferns, Magnolia and Zantedeschia lusciousness

Green and Gold – yip, another good look in the garden

Variegated Euonymus and Lupin foliage – now the rain is here I suspect this look will go over pretty soon.

The green and gold of Rhododendron Goldflimmer

Then there’s the green and gold of Pittosporum Gold Star

and the old gold of Hosta So Sweet

I do hope the weekend isn’t too much of a wash out for you – it’s forecast rain here for the foreseeable! Have a good one whatever you are doing, gardening or not!

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Oh wow,,everything looks so beautiful in the rain..I love the Silver Swan Euphorbia with the Sedum,I haven't seen that variety on my wish list:o) Your colours blend beautifully together..and sorry,but unlike you,I'm a bit of a wuzz,and don't garden in the rain :o) thanks for sharing,I love it.:o)

19 Oct, 2013


I hope you were not out in the rain today Scottish. It was awful, straight down and flood water on many roads around the area. I had to go to the shops. OH's internet connection went down. We could not find out why so it was off to the shops to get him back on line. It poured all morning but when we came home about 5pm there was blue sky and it was quite mild and the rain had stopped. I managed to get some photos. Yours are spectacular. You have a good eye for colour and texture combinations that are an inspiration. Thank ou for showing these. I love that pittisporum. It is a smashing plant. I like to pull out weeds but between showers. I'm not so keen on getting soaked nowadays but if I am in the middle of something I usually try and finish it.

19 Oct, 2013


Your colour combinations are gorgeous Scottish, and the raindrops add the finishing touch. We had sunshine here today so I got some late weeding done. It makes such a difference for a relatively small amount of effort! I don't mind gardening in very fine drizzle but not in the heavy stuff. My old gardening jacket has just given notice so I'm still casting around for what to use instead - until then its fair weather only!

19 Oct, 2013


STUNNING pics Scottish.

The rain has made every leaf stand out and everything looks so refreshed and clean somehow. The colours are inspiring and truly beautiful.
Perhaps from now on I shall come and join you out there on a rainy day!

19 Oct, 2013


High Angie ..
garden looking super with the raindrops :o)

20 Oct, 2013


lovely to see drip drip drop little raindrops on your autumn coloured garden...

20 Oct, 2013


I always say I like the rain, and your garden looks very refreshing with the glistening foliage. Autumn is an atmospheric time.
I enjoy being in my pottery making shed, with the rain beating on the roof :o) I find it very inspiring lol :o)

20 Oct, 2013


Lovely blog Scottish great colour combinations!!!!! I love the sedum and the euphorbia to,might have to pinch that one;-)
We 've had a lovely afternoon here more like summer so I got lots done outside but it's thundering now!!!!

20 Oct, 2013


Thanks everyone for the lovely comments- seems I'm not alone in getting out in the rain!
In my job I work outdoors all night - therefore am very acclimatised to being outside in all weathers brrrrrr!!!
Bloomer - that Euphorbia is quite popular up here it's in many of the GCs. Nothing wrong with being a wuzz ;)
Scotsgran - no not outdoors yesterday, had a few wee indoor jobs to do, after the shopping that is!!! I hope W's internet is up and running now. That Pittosporum really shouldn't survive up here but it does not too bad. I have tried cuttings from it but they failed!
Steragram, glad to read you had a bit of nice weather. I hope you get a replacement coat soon. I'm sure one will come to hand!
Wildrose - go on get out there! You'll love it :)
TT - thank you
Jane - thank you too! I'm sure you would have made a far better job with your camera :)
Hywel - isn't it great being indoors cosy with rain hitting down on the roof - glad you find it inspiring.
Simbad - pinch away! If I'm being honest, I didn't plan it - it just happened and I'm glad it did!

20 Oct, 2013


Lovely blog , Scottish , very refreshing .
I like to garden in the rain too .
Great pics , the drops are like jewels , aren't they ?

20 Oct, 2013


Yes, they are Driad. Nice to see you back. How are you?

20 Oct, 2013


Angie, I love the photos, especially like the leaves of plants. You must have a huge garden and a huge mind to keep track of all of these and their names to boot. I was happy to learn the name of Sissy's grass. That was some garden in the wild sense. I was not there long enough to get all the pics I wanted. Keep naming the plants please.

20 Oct, 2013


I have that Pittisporum too Scottish. It is growing very well. I often cut bits for flower arranging and that helps to stop it getting too big. I was surprised it was not a problem. I bought it along the road as a casualty and it took off as soon as I put it in the garden. W is back on air. We got a magic box no bother.

20 Oct, 2013


Wells, thanks - I do like knowing the names of the plants I grow (others I'm not so good at). Although - ask me how to pronounce half of them, that's another matter ;)
Scotsgran - not as tender as they make out then if it's surviving with you too. I had thought mines was maybe just a stroke of luck! Do you wonder what we ever done in the days before the internet!

21 Oct, 2013


Wonderful Scottish . . . so original! We have some laughs in our garden group because many of the names of plants we've only READ about, not heard SPOKEN about, so there are quite a few variants in pronunciation :))

21 Oct, 2013


Lovely combinations of plants Scottish ... great blog ... :o)

22 Oct, 2013


Great pics and prose, made me feel like running out in the rain ....but restrained myself:-))

24 Oct, 2013

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