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Can anyone identify this ugly creature. Dug out of a rotting tree stump, about 2 inches long.




I should consult google images, typing in Staghorn Beetle, and you will see depicted there lots of similar images. Yours is slightly out of focus, so could be a Rhinoceros beetle. Both are threatened species. If it is still alive..... perhaps you might put it back into rotten wood and hope it survives. This is why we gardeners are asked to make mini wood piles in our gardens so that such creatures have a better chance of breeding...undisturbed.

4 Sep, 2012


Thank you, dead I'm afraid.

4 Sep, 2012


Looks like a chaffer grub to me, something you do want dead.

4 Sep, 2012


On Google images there is a video of a group of school children with plastic boxes full of similar grubs that were found hiding in the undisturbed, well trodden, bark chips of a school play area!!! they were said to be a mixture of Rhino and Staghorn grubs. The chips had been in place for quite some time but the paths were to be converted to 'Noggin'. A conservation botanist placed the grubs in a safer habitat away from the school. Most creatures deserve our respect (apart from slugs).

5 Sep, 2012


I thought it looked like a chafer grub too - a real pest if you get them in pots as they eat the roots very quickly.
I hope yours is one of the more exotic ones!

6 Sep, 2012

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