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Camelia pruning - if and when?

Lanarkshire,Scotland, United Kingdom Gb

To prune -or not? and when? It's not done well last season and this one is very poor with only ONE flower!!! (I re-potted about 3 weeks ago)

On plant Camellia



You can prune your Camellia after flowering (sorry it only had one flower!) to maintain its shape. Did you feed it? it is recommended that they are fed with a balanced feed in the spring.

22 Apr, 2008


Hi Begoniafan, Camelias don't need pruning but if you do prune, it should be done after it flowers. they flower on the previous years growth so only take this years growth off. The Camelias should be repotted after flowering, if you repot before it can cause bud drop.
camelias develop there flowering buds during late summer, early autumn, it is important you do not let it dry out in this period as that can leed to no or less flowers in the spring.They shoud be fed with an ericaceous feed every month from March to July, they should be grown in ericaceous compost, and last but not least do not irrigate with tap water it tends to have to much calcium in it.

Hope this helps good luck. Philip.

22 Apr, 2008


Thanks for the info guys.....I do use tap water but I'm not sure of its calcium level here in Scotland. I do keep it in a container and I have not got myself into the habit of renewing compost-Is that bad practise???

I did use ericaceous compost to pot the camelia-on. But not sure whats around the roots....

24 Apr, 2008

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