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By Pam24

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I have been given a Gerbera plant, for indoors I suppose, am I right in thinking it won't survive outside or get through the winter. Trouble is I'm not really a houseplant fan but it is so healthy and I'm loath to throw it away once it has finished flowering! Any ideas?



There are hardy perennial gerberas on sale these days and they'll be fine outside, don't pamper them by keeping them inside through the winter or they'll not harden up.

I have several hardy gerberas and they've come through the cold winters unscathed.
They sell carmine, pale pink, white and now some yellow ones too.

3 Sep, 2011


Ok thanks, I'll put it outside and see what happens!

3 Sep, 2011


Plant it in the ground though, don't leave it in a small pot.
Or if you don't really want it why not give it to a fundraising event?

3 Sep, 2011


Did the Gerbera make a come back? :)

7 Jun, 2012


No sadly not. I don't think it liked the wet conditions. I did try to grow some others aswell, from small plug plants but they seemed to fade away too. I have quite heavy soil, not their ideal situation! Never mind, can't have everything :)

8 Jun, 2012


I had some about 6 years ago that I grew in containers that I got 2 summers from, the last 3 winters have been extremely tough x

8 Jun, 2012

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