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I.D. required please for this plant. Seen growing as companion planting in with vegetables at Parham Park in West Sussex today.




I have this Shirley, picked it up at Dotty Daisy's Open Day. She told me it was Mini Lobata. Don't know any more than that.

17 Aug, 2011


It's an annual climber, common name 'Spanish Flag'. The latin name is 'Mina lobata' - so only one letter wrong, Cinders! ;-) (Sorry to correct you...)

17 Aug, 2011


Thanks both ... have just Googled it to find it's a relative of Morning Glory and skill level required to keep it is high! It looked stunning today ...

17 Aug, 2011


Thats ok Spritz. Had a feeling I wasnt quite right.

17 Aug, 2011


Shirley - like all Morning Glories it's easy! But, and it's a big but nowadays, it does need long hot summers to thrive.

18 Aug, 2011


I have grown this plant this yr.
it is quite easy to grow, but very slow to get going.

Im from the midlands and it is growing well up a obelisk.

It is only just flowering now, last week got first bud.
i set seed 1st april
germinated 16 april

then planted 26 may.

planting size -

18 Aug, 2011


Thanks Meanie, let's hope for a summer of '76 again for next year! .......

Sensei89, many thanks ... and well done on propagating it! .......

20 Aug, 2011

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