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Sugar Deposits.


By Terrna

United Kingdom Gb

I have a plant but am not sure of its name. It is about a foot tall and has extremely finely divided but quite bushy leaves. The flowers are single pink daisies about one inch in diameter and are quite profuse. I have noticed that the leaves are covered with a chrystal deposit which resembles grains of sugar and is sticky. There is no sign of infestation by pests. Can you please help?



Do you have any photos you can post, this will make identification much easier

24 Mar, 2008


The only plant I can remember having crystal like deposits was Mesembryanthemum...I wonder if your plant is related to that? The mesembryanthemum I'm thinking of is grown as an annual.

24 Mar, 2008


Could be Cape Daisies - don't know the proper name. I have these in a bed in my front garden. A photo would help. Can't say about the deposit though.

25 Mar, 2008


If this is an indoor plant then it could be a relative of the marijuana plant. There is a form of hibiscus that looks like the marijuana plant in foliage then flowers with pink daisy like flowers, however they are bigger than 1 inch in diameter. This type of plant is suceptible to sugary type deposits due to overwatering and damp soil. Try changing the soil. Use JI no 3, grit and vermiculite with some sand and this will increase the drainage but do not let it stand in water.

25 Mar, 2008


PS, I'm not an expert in this type of plant, just in case you thought I might be a pot smoking old hag!!

25 Mar, 2008

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