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What did I do wrong with my broccoli?
I planted Summer Purple Sprouting and Calabrese Autumn Spear, both in two batches to prolong harvest time because there's only 2 of us to eat it. Purple sprouting supposed to harvest june through sept. Calabrese harvest sept through Nov. However, they have both been producing for the last few weeks and going to seed really quickly. I don't think they'll be productive for much longer or provide anything through the autumn. Why have they produced so early?



We have the same problem its the weather. only way forward is to pull up and get something else in quick to make best use of the ground.

What we need is some sun for the rest of our produce as some of it is showing signs of mould because of too much rain.

17 Jul, 2011


Purple sprouting broccoli is an autumn early winter veg. not a summer veg. The weather has no been good for a lot of the brassicas.

17 Jul, 2011


thanks guys, it's encouraging to know I havn't done anything wrong.
Most the plants are now past it so I was actaully thinking of pulling them up and putting in something for the winter like a winter squash, and then keeping the ones which seem to have a bit of life left in them. It's the first year I've had raised beds so I feel like I need to have them producing to make the most of the expenditure!

18 Jul, 2011

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