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By Alextb

London, England

One of my lupins was ready to harvest the seeds. When should they be planted. Do they nned to be plkanted in the Autumn / Fall or in the Spring?

Thanks in advance.



I would plant them now into seedling compost in sectioned tray or small pots. Water and cover lightly with compost. They can be outside in a sheltered spot for now. Once the first divided leaves appear, pot the best of them individually up into slightly bigger pots in multi-purpose and overwinter them in a sheltered spot or cold frame/greenhouse ready to plant into the ground next spring after frost is over. Protect from slugs! Lupin seedlings usually do well, but be prepared for some colour surprises!

16 Jul, 2011


Thanks Ojibway93.

16 Jul, 2011


Alex are those seeds the size of a normal pea? They don't look it to me though the photo is out of focus... If they aren't the size of a pea then they are likely to be infertile seed.

16 Jul, 2011


mine are the size of sweetpea seeds MG and they are usually ok . At least they look brown so should be ripe unlike some that get harvested.

16 Jul, 2011


They just look a little on the small side to me but yes they are brown which is good.

16 Jul, 2011


They are the size of sweet pea seeds, not petit pois. I shall try and see what happens.

16 Jul, 2011


Let us know how you get on Alex :-)

16 Jul, 2011


Will do.

17 Jul, 2011

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