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By Serennu

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Hi, can you tell me what has happened to my lilies, I had 6 pots of asiatic lilies and 6 of oriental but this year all the pots are either yellow or orange and not scented. Have they cross pollenated?



Cross pollination between these two types is difficult, and would only affect plants growing from the seeds produced--which wouldn't even begin to bloom for another couple of years, anyway! So, all 12 pots are blooming Asiatic hybrids? Did you mix up the bulbs and repot, or put in the ground. If so, are there plants that haven't bloomed yet? Oriental hybrids usually bloom later than Asiatics, when they aren't being forced.

4 Jul, 2011


most asiatics are non perfumed so either the winter has seen off the the orientals and just left you with the asiatics. were they yellow and orange last year. They dont usually change colour from the bulb they were grown from last year.

5 Jul, 2011

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