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Have I killed it?

Derbyshire, United Kingdom

I confess that whilst I do well with my garden plants, house plants are not so lucky. Having said that, I fell in love with Streptocarpus Katy on a visit to a garden centre in May and decided to give her a go. Her flower power was incredible and she kept going until the beginning of November, when I moved her out of sight to a spare bedroom, and sadly forgot when the cold weather came that there was no heating in that room. Her leaves have all gone floppy, still green but very, very floppy.
Do you think there is any hope of survival? Should I cut the leaves off or will they still be of use? I am so cross with myself because I had done so well with her and she was lovely.



Hi Weedpatch,

I'm am not an expert on Streptocarpus but I have been reading up on them lately. I think the plant should be fine as far as the cooler temperature is concerned as they go dormant about this time of year. I would be more concerned with it's lack of water if there was a lack. Did the plant dry out and for how long? On Rex Dibley's website it says the following......

"My plant has flopped. Why?
A. Either the plant is very dry (solution: water it) or the plant has been over-watered (solution: the roots have become damaged and are unable to function properly. Let the plant dry out completely and it may recover)"

That is the only advice I can give you. I'm sure someone else will be able to answer you more fully. In the meantime you could take a look at the Dibley website at the following address.......

7 Dec, 2008


My only addition being to use warm water. In Winter they need to be kept at a warm 50. F.As I remember this is 10.C. Water LESS from March, then notch up the warmth, fertilizing and water.

I would leave the leaves on. I look like that on many days myself.One other trick after such plant abuse would be to plastic bag the plant for a few days. (NOT WET) This applies to Streptocarpus, African violets ... not all.

Aside from B-1. I also like Oxygen plus. It sounds like a hype but it works.

7 Dec, 2008


Has your Strepocapus recovered yet?. To me it may have become too cold and dry.
If you are worried about losing it, propogate from one leaf.
Take it off with as much stem as you can, have a pot of compost big enough to take the leaf.
Cut lines across the leaf on the main veins. Insert the stalk into the compost. Place one or two pebbles on the leaf.
Put it in a propogating case with bottom heat.

7 Dec, 2008

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