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I have Forsythia that is about 15 years old, I keep it cut back every year, but this year one of the branches has produced a strange growth. Basically it appears to be a Palm or Yuca type leaf with the Forsythia leaves growing out of it. I do have a couple of Palms growing about 25 foot away and it looks for all the word as if a slightly less robust leaf from one of them has been grafted onto the Forsythia. Any suggestions as to what has happened please
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Chris Edwards
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This is a form of growth called fasciation. I don't think anyone quite knows what causes it. It won't harm your shrub but if it was mine, I'd cut the offending growth out

8 Jun, 2011


totally agree with andrewr's diagnosis and 'treatment'.

8 Jun, 2011


I would also suggest you remove your phone number and e-mail address from your question. We have no way of knowing who is on this site.

9 Jun, 2011


Do you think they are expecting us to contact them with the answer?

9 Jun, 2011


Thanks for all the replies, Moon growe thanks for the tip, I wasn't sure how the site worked if I can work out how I'll take my details off. nce again thanks to everyone


9 Jun, 2011


Welcome to Goy Chrise

9 Jun, 2011


Just go in and edit your question Chris

9 Jun, 2011

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