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Top-heavy roses? I have a rose bush, Golden Celebration, that is so top heavy that it is leaning over the lawn, nearly horizontal. It's only a couple of years old and I didn't prune it in the spring. I wasn't sure if I should have or not! Is it top-heavy because of lack of pruning? It has tons of flowers on it but the stems are long and weak. I'm a novice with roses so still learning...thanks!



Its usual to prune roses in late March, just before they start growing vigorously. You can cut them back quite hard then, to an outward facing bud. The buds are not easy to see until you get used to what they look like - not much more than a little slight point on the stem. Some people even take them down to a few inches above the ground. Long spindly growth especially should have been cut back. You can compromise a bit now by cutting the stems further than you would expect when you are deadheading and they should regrow quite quickly. If you have lots of flowers you are obviously doing something right!

22 May, 2011


Thanks, Steragram! Now I can't wait to prune it next year so I can see the difference. :)

23 May, 2011


This is a repeat flowering somewhat spreading bush, you can what they call 'summer prune it' - after each flower has finished go down the stem at least 4" till you find an outward facing bud and cut diagonally just above it. You will get plenty more roses with this bush. I do this to my roses bushes through out the summer. Or if you dont mind loosing the blooms you can do this all over now you and still have roses again this season. Dont forget to give it a good feed if you havent done so already.

23 May, 2011


Ah, ok. Thanks for the advice! I will try that. :)

16 Jul, 2011



16 Jul, 2011

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