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identify my plant please


By Tess

Ireland Ie

Can you please identify this plant , please? It was growing outdoors in a pot. I brought it inside at the beginning of September as the weather was so wet. It bloomed in the past week.




I can't identify it Tess but from the leaves I think you did right to bring it in. They are tropical or semi-tropical. Might be a ginger (hedychium) of some kind, in fact if my life depended on it I would bet half of it on that but there are dozens of gingers. And which one ??????? PS It is very lovely so look after it. How tall is it?

9 Oct, 2008


That's a stunning plant.
Congratulations on getting it to flower and on keeping it so healthy. :o)

9 Oct, 2008


I think Sarra is right with Hedychium. It looks like one my friend has - H. gardnerianum - Kahili ginger. It is not very hardy and would need frost protection if grown outdoors.

9 Oct, 2008


Whatever it is, it is stunning! Congratulations on your care of it.

9 Oct, 2008


Yes. Well added to Spritzhenry. I've looked it up and this def. H. gardnerianum. It's not quite as tender as I thought but is borderline.

I am not sure who I am quoting here but whoever the original author is or was I wish to place it on record that I recognise his or her intellectual copyright to this description and if that person objects to my using it word for word I will replace it in my own words. I am acting in the belief that it is in the public domain and it is being used by 2 different sellers on eBay.

'Hedychium Gardnerianum or Kahili Ginger Lily is a very strong growing plant with stout stems reaching 1.5m high topped by huge flowers. Hedychium gardnerianum has bright yellow butterfly like blooms with red-orange stamens and a gorgeous scent that will easily fill the whole garden with its delicate fragrance.

These plants can flower from July through October. Flower heads can easily be 30cm tall and 15cm across. The foliage is bright blue/green, with lance-shaped leaves. This is a truly spectacular plant with both its foliage and flowers being essential elements in a tropical style garden.

Ideally this plant prefers a warm, frost-free climate but it can also be grown outside in mild areas that only get light frosts. It prefers a rich, moist, well-drained soil in a sunny or very lightly shaded location with protection from cold winds (for example at the base of a south facing wall). In cooler areas the plant will die back each year with the frost, so it should be grown in containers that can be brought inside to continue growth or alternatively winter protection should be provided (ie. deep layer of mulch) and the plant will re-shoot in the late spring.'

10 Oct, 2008


Hi, I,ve had this plant(ginger lilly) growing in my wet clay
soil for the last 4 years. when i first got it, it was in a 10inch pot now it has spread 3ft by 2ft, i didnt knew how tender it is, each year i just covered it with straw, but maybe i should lift it this year?

10 Oct, 2008


I'd just keep mulching it Pepperpot. Sounds great and if it is 4 years old it will have hardened off by now. You are, I note in the west country, in a mild area. If it was here (and we aren't too bad by the sea (USDA zone 8b) I don't think I would have risked it when young. But you should be fine.

10 Oct, 2008


Thanks everyone. Yes, it does have the most beautiful scent. Tess

10 Oct, 2008


Thanks sarraceniac, i was wondering if i should lift it or not, do you think i should split it, or should i leave it to next year?

11 Oct, 2008


Don't divide yet.

In late winter dig up the rhizomes, hose off any soil and trim back the roots. The rhizomes can then be divided with a sharp knife making sure there is at least one growing tip (preferably more) on each section. These sections can then be potted up and placed in a propagator or on a heat mat. Do not make the sections too small otherwise you will end up with smaller plants.

11 Oct, 2008

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