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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I planted Anemone ready for Spring, but was just wondering if they come up year after year, or would I need to leave them to produce corns?

Any advice welcome

Thanks in advance




What kind of anemone, Alex?

6 Jan, 2011


if they are spring flowering ones they are most likely to be a corm. A blanda and the A de caen types . they will come up year on year if you are lucky. I find the squirrels find mine and eat them.
Though there are other anemones that flower late spring that are not.

6 Jan, 2011


I have scanned the packaging and uploaded the picture.

The colourful one just says Anemone and the white one says Anemone Bicolor.

Hope this helps.

6 Jan, 2011


They look like de Caen types - not long lived, give them a warm, sheltered spot, think you need to soak the tubers before planting. You don't need to lift them once planted. I wish you success with them - I've never once managed to get any to grow, though perhaps the squirrel got to them first, I don't know.

6 Jan, 2011


I had my first success with these last year. They came up, just like the pictures, in the part of the garden rabbits can't get to. So I've put my previous failures down to
a) rabbits, or
b) that old faithful - the weather.

6 Jan, 2011


I take it they will not come up again next year then.

Thanks for the advice

6 Jan, 2011


Mine are / were popping up again. They emerged in the autumn and got frozen in the unexpected snow, so I don't know what they're going to do this year.

6 Jan, 2011


I have had some coe up 4 yrs on the trot so unless something nibbles them they should do.

6 Jan, 2011


O.K, thanks a lot

7 Jan, 2011

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