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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

Is it too late to sow a row of peas ?



I don't think so Hywel. but why not sow mangetout and then if they are not too big by the time the plants start to 'fade' at least you will get some crop.

30 Jun, 2019


Here in NY, July is too hot for peas - It could be oppressive.

1 Jul, 2019


Thank you both,
I have some seeds left over so I wondered if it would be worth sowing them. Nothing to loose I suppose :)
I might buy some mange touts if I see them.

Sometimes July here is too hot to go outside the door, and other times it pours down lol

1 Jul, 2019


Hywel, If you want to sow peas later on in the season, it's best to sow early varieties. May sound silly but they will mature in a shorter growing period. My dad used to sow Little Marvel and Early Onward but there are possibly lots of other varieties.

1 Jul, 2019


Agree! Here, we consider peas a cool season crop and they will tolerate a light frost. You can actually grow peas in the Fall up to October and the cool weather makes them sweeter. They will struggle here in the summer heat beyond 70°F but the aphids will finish them off. Wait for later.

1 Jul, 2019


If your shelled peas cold do with being a bit sweeter put them in the fridge overnight. The low temperature will cause the starches to turn to sugar. My Mum often did this.

1 Jul, 2019


Thanks for everyone's advice - much appreciated :)

2 Jul, 2019

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