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I need to move this Cytomium to give my ferns more space. When is the best time? Now, autumn or spring?




Hi, as this likes a moist but well drained soil, in partial to full sun, I would wait until mid autumn to move it.
I've never heard of Cytomium, so I've assumed that it's a typo, and should be CyRtomium, Derek.

13 Aug, 2018


Thanks for your reply Derek. Yes, it was a typo. My ferns are growing in a shady place but all seem to be thriving. I'm not sure it would have liked being in this year's sun. I will wait till Autumn. It will get a bit of extra light when it is moved forward.

13 Aug, 2018


I moved it a week ago & it seems to be fine.

3 Oct, 2018


Hi, that's good then, should be ok now, unless we get a very dry spell, then it may need some extra water, Derek.

3 Oct, 2018

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